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Major Dissertation Ch 3 - Day ?

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Sometimes, I get a little disappointed with myself as at this stage, I really think I should know how to write.  Yet, I have handed over a first 'exceptionally rough draft' to my lecturer as time pressures have meant that I haven't had time to sort it out.  I have also emailed him a detailed plan and see what he thinks of that, too.  This is the last week I can see and email him - from there on in, I am on my own (well, me and 60 others who are freaking out re their own dissertation final sub - 38 days and counting).  Tomorrow, I will go back to chapter 2 and rewrite the end, as I believe that ch 1 and 2 even if they Do need overhauling - will largely be ready for academic sprinkles.

Mother's day was nice.  Lunch out at Waitrose and cards/flowers/chocolates from Prodigal 1.  Prodigal 2 bought me an attractive notebook and a paper laser sword, of which I will be having plenty of fun time with, winding up the cats.  Because I am such a child.

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Major Dissertation Ch 3 - Day 2

I have been away from the PC for a fair while (bad night/bad stomach etc), but at least I have found out the following a) date for seeing diss lecturer (need to get my third chapter essay plan to him at the weekend), b) I know exactly what the last assignment questions are now - it is either going to be Nightmare Abbey, or Galapagus c) even if I was having sleeping probs the other night, the brain had a 'Eureka!' moment, when I realised exactly what I was going to write about in chapter three d) the healing properties of sleep and apple cider vinegar <--- seriously, anyone with an acidic tum should drink it - diluted in water.

More plodding and chipping away - started by pasting draft one into new draft two and begin tapping away :-)

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Major Dissertation Ch 3 - It Begins

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Yesterday, whilst nursing a uncomfortable face with a well-received hot water bottle,  I transferred notes for Wise Children across and today, I have begun the final chapter.  I had to leave chapter two hanging in mid air as lecturer hung onto it until it was too late for me to write anymore for him - so I will have to back track on this and write the ending in a couple of weeks or so.  I did a tally as to how much of the dissertation I have written so far and with Intro/Ch1/Part of Ch2 = 5,267.  Ch 3 is basically a bunch of notes and currently stands at 1,482 = Altogether approx 6,309.  That number has made me feel a lot better, but I know it is something I have to really get my skates on for.

As of 3 weeks ago, I have had to chop Classic FM off, as I can't concentrate with it on and instead am content to listen to 'Brown Noise' (which I know sounds dodgy, but it's just 'White Noise' with the top end capped off.

So - plodding on :-)

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Blankie/Chocolate Anxiety

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For 'drink coffee,' read 'eat chocolate' and you have pretty much got me in a nutshell.

Today, I haven't done too badly, I managed to write up another 2,500 or so notes - another couple of hours and I should be half way.  Tomorrow will be full on, as in the evening, I will have to read something specific for the following days lecture on satire (right now, I am not sure what it is - the link is in an email somewhere).  Getting somewhere, need to make more progress.  Need a plank of Dairy Milk, but that is not forthcoming :-/

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Major Dissertation Ch 3 Notes - It Begins

Spring feels like it is here, with the first semi warm and sunny days since September last.  I have to fight the urge to go out and catch some shots of the first shoots of spring.  Chapter 2 isn't exactly in the bag - in fact, I posted it with great trepidation as a cry for help (messy beyond belief and I couldn't get past rearranging the same old crap).  Now I have some breathing space, it is time to go through and write up crucial notes for Chapter 3, rather than sit around letting the grass grow under my feet.

Some good and not so good news about my former fellow students.  On the NSGN front - a student who was an FdA from my old college dropped out re discrepancies about her work.  A genuine mistake on her part and it got to such a position, she dropped out in December.  I am glad to hear she is doing well and in a nice job, but ultimately very disappointing.  Her running partner also is struggling, as she took English with Politics and is finding it a strain, not to mention quite alienating.  On a brighter note, another fellow Truro colleague, who graduated last September has passed his teacher training literary test and the all important evil maths test - closer steps in becoming a teacher.  I am very pleased for him, think he will do a good job, too.

Anyway it's tappitty tap time :-)

I have written out 2,633 words today and barely made a dent (just over 10% of it) but it should settle soon, because it is about fleshing key characters out and that will be narrowing down shortly.  I have to concentrate on the relationships with the protagonists' key mother figures and add the others in as incidentals, as and when.  Dead tired now and I have Prodigal 1 and  granddaughter over tomorrow, so I won't be seeing this til about 2 in the afternoon.

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Reading Angela Carter's 'Wise Children'

Car is off the road as it overheated in traffic yesterday - even with the heaters going full blast to compensate.  All to do with the ongoing new one way system problem which has caused gridlock within a mile of the epicentre.  My car is an old car and it decided that its fan was going to stop working.  So, 'not fun in the sun' - thankfully, I pulled over into a handy (not to mention shady) layby and played hangman with Prodigal 2 for 3/4 of an hour, til it calmed down.  Car now being given 'Kiss of Life' at my mechanics.  So - no car.  Need it back for the weekend as I am out somewhere important, minus Hubby.

Plus - Student Finance have been giving me the run around.  Not a happy camper today.

Saying that, I've done remarkably well on the studying front and I have only got about 60 pages of Wise Children left to annotate before I type up what I think.  Hopefully cherry pick some comments a bit now, rather than the huge tome I wrote end of last month (re The Magic Toyshop).  Lots of mirrors, binaries, Electra complexes abound.  Still wonder what my argument is going to be on these books.  I found the thread quite quickly in my Bluebeard mini dissertation.  I have to stay off of THAT topic - this one is far more female-centric, rather than asking what Bluebeard's actual problem was and then answering it.

After this will be Nights at the Circus.  Another book to delve into to explain its complexities.  It's longer too - 295 pages, compared with 232 pages (Wise Children) and 200 pages (The Magic Toyshop).

Stop blathering woman and get on with it!

Research of Angela Carter's 'Wise Children'

Today, I am settling down to some analysis of Angela Carter's book Wise Children, especially as the weather has gone from stuffy and stultifying to wet and washed-out  Alas, I cannot discuss the book, as it is part of my major dissertation study and in these days of search engines and other plagiaristic research devices, anything I write here would have to be referenced, hence my reticence in doing so.

However, it looks like this story has ideas along the same vein as 'The Bloody Chamber' (story) and The Magic Toyshop.

OK, so NOW I'm confused - many sets of twins and several cases of infidelity and incest.  It is about finding who biologically belongs to who and in which order/set.  Some of the matching names are mildly amusing - Gengis Khan and Daisy Duck, Melchior and Lady Margarine (because she once made a butter commercial). Looks like I may have to take a crash course in the Shakespeare ones that I haven't read, as there are many Bardic refs than you can shake a sweaty stick at, namely A Midsummer Nights Dream, King Lear and Much Ado About Nothing.  Did I say at any point that I was going to get out any time soon to enjoy the summer??? Carter couldn't have mentioned Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, The Tempest, Julius Caesar or Othello instead (i.e the ones I HAVE read), could she?

No, it seems. Not at all.

The Magic Toyshop - Final Typing of Notes

I am about 70% the way through typing up my notes from The Magic Toyshop and will continue to type until the end.  Right now, I have 3,500 words approx. in notes alone - just on one book.  Later today, I hope to start on Wise Children.  Spoiler below.
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I have chosen this, as there are links to both The Magic Toyshop and Nights at the Circus (which I will be reading next).  Hey ho and on we go :-)