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Tori Amos New Release - Up the Creek

The reason for the Tori Amos Weekend was generated by the release of her latest work (apologies re sticking to her first two albums - I haven't really listened to the rest - it is just they were important to me when they were released circa mid nineties).  In a Guardian interview, she discusses  getting back to her Native American roots, her menopause and her views on US violence.

The Guardian article is HERE

Tori Amos Weekend IX - Bells For Her

I wrote a short story called Blanket Friends, which (like Amos' intention of this track) is about the end of a friendship.  Now friendships can ebb and flow, some lose contact with little to no affect.  Others can be especially painful - for me, it was specifically one.  I had to write it out of my system, using the lyrics to Bells For Her.  It was such a betrayal, one I could not forgive.  Because guys aren't supposed to do that, do they?

Amos discusses her experience
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I can wholeheartedly understand what she went through.  I haven't fell out with many people in my life, but when this one did, it unravelled years of history between us and I felt a pain that has never been replicated.  Like someone tore a strip out of my heart. When I drew how it felt, my heart had mandarin scar tissue formed on it.  I shredded both picture and story years later - but it is funny how somethings still sting.
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This is, something very similar has come full circle - and I (still) can't stop what's coming, I can't stop what is on it's way...

Tori Amos Weekend V - Cornflake Girl

This is the first track that I heard off of her Under the Pink album.  I remember playing a lot of pool with my sister, while Hubby babysat Prodigals 1 and 2. Joyous time - drinking hot chocolate and watching Northern Exposure, with the love and hope in your heart that only a twenty-something person would have.

Tori Amos Weekend II - Professional Widow

Coming away from Little Earthquakes, I really adored the Armand Van Helden version as opposed to the one from the Boys For Pele album, which I find pretty hard to listen to (track can be found HERE for comparison).  According to myth and legend, the song is about a spat between Amos, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and Kurt Cobain's widow and Hole front woman, Courtney Love.  If the Love Triangle is anything to go by (it allegedly also stars Marilyn Manson/Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins/Foo Fighters & Nirvana drummer David Grohl and on and on), it got really messy.  Courtney Love seemingly caused a LOT of trouble, but obviously there are several sides of the story - from what has been written, it appears that the artists had been sniping backwards and forwards for a while.  However, I do not believed that Courtney Love single-handedly 'destroyed 90s rock music', as claimed by Travis Christensen.  Some died (notably Cobain), others just grew up.

But the beat goes on...