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Toe Be, Or Not Toe Be

I had the nail removed today and I think the worst pain I have ever experienced was the two needle jabs in the toe joint.  I have had epidurals that were less fricken' painful !!! Toe has now come back to life and aches a bit, but is ok.  I decided to have the full ablation as there is NO WAY I am going to have THAT done again.

Have had Ulysses essay back = 58% but under the circs (illness and absolutely NO sleep whatsoever in the last two days of the assignment), I am ok with it.  Actually more than ok - relieved that it wasn't under 50!!  Nursing my poor toe for the next couple of days and hopefully things should be a ton better :-D

Ulysses - The Road To Hell

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Well, after a delayed start, I am back in the saddle again - trying to work out the corners of Joyce's bizarre mind and get a coherent essay out of it.  I am sat with a jug of mint tea, a tissue full of rosemary oil to keep me alert, classic FM on discreet burble and the fire cranked to half way.  Alas, this is the Road to Hell.

Have done a LOT of editing, only to find that I am short about 1,000 words, but have been smart enough to have a Ulysses Word Dump in a seperate document so I can use the lines that I have got rid of.  Long, long night ahead.

Long, cold, dark night - I cannot fall into your arms.

I am cold, I am doubled up and I can't feel my feet.

!!!!! ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff***ing powet cuttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt !!!!! Plus near heart attack, but thank microsoft for autosave.

Still here, still plodding, still can't feel my feet.

Submitted work 10 minutes ago and I can say with hand on heart, it has been the crappiest piece I have ever written.  And I actually don't care as long as I get a mark.  I have been awake for nearly 24 hours and now I want to sleep.

James Joyce Cartoon

Welcome to the end of days.  Am still trying to write about James Joyce and Ulysses, with one day to go.  I have effectively given up writing for now - I have heard there is one student that hasn't even started, another's laptop has died and has been unsuccessful in retrieving her work, another deleted her's in a drunken rant and cannot find it in the recycle bin, or indeed on the machine at all.  I have not been able to go to bed until at least 2,420 words have been written, which I have only just done.

I will not be sad to see the back of this assignment - it is sad that I am so fractious and twee about this, but rootling through 'Circe' has made me ick.

When I wake up (and it will be early), I will dedicate the entire day and night to getting this sorted, converted to pdf and then uploaded - this will only get done if I  BLOCK MY WHOLE FAMILY FROM INTERRUPTING ME!!!! I think I can see me pulling an all-nighter to get this done.  I will probably spend Friday asleep and then press on with 'Lolita'.

Ulysses - The Joys of Academic Essay Reading

Decided to ditch 'Penelope' and just ad lib on 'Nausicaa' and 'Circe' - gen up on the academic essays instead.  I have had so many disruptions, it's unbelievable.  I also have found out that I have to get my toenail removed as the nail bed has poison in it.  Lovely image, I know.

I have managed 2,160 words all told and that is getting rid of 'Penelope' too.  Quick mental maths - 1,789m - 291 = 1,498.  So - 661 words written today.  I have most of tomorrow and Thursday, then submit before midday Friday.  Many quotes to add and academic sprinklings to find within the approved essays, to back up my theory.  I could do with some extra days.  Hubby has to use my office for a couple of hours tomorrow too (which sucks - hope he can sort out our clients ASAP, or I can see me pulling a couple of all-nighters).

Time for bed, said Zebedee

Ulysses - 'Circe': The Impossible Task

I got fed up with rain gifs so I have posted an under water one instead.  Weather cold and wet - cats snoozing.

I'm procrastinating and yes - I am on about Ulysses again, consciously not trying to retell the novel and stuck knee deep in all voyeuristic supposition. Back to 'Circe' and trying not to crumble under the weight of it all.  I have until midday on the 15th to sort this out.

The plus side of doing this is that I am not alone in my academic whining.  It is a comfort to know.

SW: I have written 750 words all pure bollocks

JJ: Why do they make us study modernism???

Me: Because apparently, our heads aren't random enough!!!!

1,870 words so far. I will HAVE to try to work out the Bella/Bello scene.  Doin' my 'ead in.

Ulysses - More of the Same

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Well, you get my general gist - time to leave the social media alone for a while and get to grips with this thing.

Done with 'Nausicaa' for now - moving on to 'Circe' now and have to write legitimate argument for that, too.  The main frame is gutted out, just need to furnish it with actual text.  All this catholic guilt!!!!  The plus side is that I posted on the Uni forum that 'Ulysses' is a little-known ancient Greek word for 'Agony'.  Two replied - one said she was glad that she wasn't the only one doing Ulysses, the other said that she is 1,100 words in and totally sleep deprived.  Oh and she is on day 5.  Our own little epics :-)

I have just read through 'Circe' more thoroughly.  I normally pride myself on being open-minded and relatively modern in outlook - all I can say is WTF??? I mean - seriously???  Why am I having such a reaction to it? I can understand why it was banned...but so much of it is so confusing.  So many things going on.  For those not familiar with the text, a summary is HERE.  I truly do not mean to be twee about it - I just find the whole thing disconcerting.

Saying that, I think I am done for the night. Toe feels like it has exploded and I need to sort out my extenuating circumstance form.

Ulysses - Preparation Ground

Back to work on Ulysses - Joyce is a piece of work, isn't he? Decided that I will concentrate on 'Exploring the theme of Sex' in Ulysses - because there is so much of it.  Either 'repressed turned strange' or 'freaky exhibitionism'. Though reading through the 'Lestrigonian' chapter reminds me a lot of his letters with Nora Barnacle which had the class thoroughly silenced (somethings cannot be 'unread'). My former lecturer (and now firm friend) is not pro Joyce and I thought of her when I saw this coverCollapse )

A lot of hallucinagenic 'modernist' stuff which I have to not be so 'anachronistic' about - as in 'stop jumping to conclusions of the audience who reads this'.  I wonder why the university keep giving us assignments on sex? Because most students will get interested, or that the lecturers want to be titivated on a long winter's night? Or a good laugh (I am not sure which)?  I have to write about Lolita straight after this, which doesn't help.  Right now, I am trying to decipher Nausicaa and Circe and make it last 3,000 words.  

James Joyce, you are one strange cookie.

Not Ulysses

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Basically the weather has been like this for days on end - blustery, rainy or a mixture of both.  I have returned to my lonely existance of desk sitting - trying to get the gist of the main themes of Ulysses specifically Calypso, Nausicaa, Circe and Penelope.

Questions on Ulysses are as follows:
Assignment 3: critical essay (fiction)
7. Explore the treatment of sex and sexuality in Ulysses.

9. Explore the idea that Ulysses is an ‘epic of the human body’.

Again, modernism and this time, the late great James Joyce. Might be out for dinner tomorrow, so I don't know how much work will be done - right now there is a LOT of paperwork in front of me.