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OakOak’s Street Art Interventions

Amazing artist OakOak creates hilarious, imaginative, irreverent and sometimes a little macabre street work that has filled column inches from BBC Brazil to Beijing’s biggest daily newspaper. Daubing simple graffiti and paintings on urban features – often the broken ones – OakOak tries to do what street artists do best: amuse and inspire people of all ages and demographics by appropriating the city’s less appealing elements.


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I think people who dislike graffiti are more likely to respond well to incidental or micro-graffiti because it is well-executed or well thought-out.  I do however, love the 'Sideshow Bob' piece.

Link --------------------------> http://www.daily-art.com/oakoaks-street-art-interventions/
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Mobile Lovers

This fresh piece of Banksy art has caused problems, when his newly-minted art work went AWOL.  It is residing in a Bristol youth club, who are wrangling with the council about funding.  They are almost accused of holding it to ransom to the tune of £100,000 plus.  Banksy never paints on wood - too detachable (though it could be argued that the wall that sported the 'Slave Labour' was immovable - until the wall was chiseled out, later to be found on eBay); theoretically, this could be seen as him lending a hand to the struggling club.  Allegedly, the council are trying to claim it as their own.



It's a nice piece, but almost to his personal cost. Banksy and one other person, has been spotted on CCTV in the early hours, dressed as workmen, complete with flash jackets and a white van.  He has avoided detection so far, I would presume this is a calculated risk as the van and the people are indistinguishable against the railings on the film footage - but even so. The Bristol graffiti artist-turned Robin-Hood-With-A-Spray-Can could unwittingly undo his anonymity, if he is not careful.

Hopefully not - it is part of his charm :-)

Graffiti Revisited IV

Commentary on essay - word Count 554 - I have to follow a framework for analysis, which includes: an overview; the structure (layout, narrative, paragraph structure etc.); grammar, lexical sets and phonology. I am about 2/3rds done, but only have a limited amount of words left.  Thankfully, I don't have to state too much of the obvious - how ever else can a speech be, but in first person? The clue is in the word 'speech' *duh*

Graffiti - a soap box for free thinkers.  Not sure that I have the courage of my convictions LOL.  This time last year, I used the Gorillaz video for my PP on graffiti.  I loved Jamie Hewlett's work with Damon Albarn on the videos and CD covers.

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I've got to stop net flicking and carry on with the work, but for the record, I love Bruce Willis in 'Stylo' - inspired casting.

I have been on Facebook, reading a Second Year FdA English Studies student, reflect that she has written 800 words, only 4,200 to go.  Right now I feel for her and worry about this time next year.  Right now in my little masterpiece, I am trying to "urge" people to rethink art with my adverbial imperatives and I am at least 150 words over.


I went well over 1,000 words, trying to pare back now.  Lots of waffle (there's a surprise) - I have to shed 126 words somehow.  Damn it, I won't go to bed until this is done :-/

Done it - essay 928 (may consider revising); commentary 769.  Neck hurts, now off to bed :-)

BotMan Art


My late Mother's Day presents - they are lovely and will be framed forthwith.

I got them, because a) they are beautiful - much, much better in real life b) it reminds me of the Hamlet project that I did this time last year - with The Smiths lyrics "I am human and I need to be loved." Plus, I saw my Access lecturer yesterday and it was lovely to see her in college again. Ah, Access - a bittersweet time.


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Thank you, BotMan  :-)
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Graffiti Revisited II


I shouldn't complain, because it heralds the beginning of spring then summer - but the clocks going forward an hour yesterday, has screwed up my sleep pattern.  Consequently, I feel a bit zombie-fied. I have to go back to my assignment and change it so it sounds less like an essay and more like a speech.  Sound bites.  Quotes.  Look at the audience with shining eyes and a glossy coat.  Right now, I can't find the words and part of me wants to say, "Screw it - tag graffiti sux and the logistics of community arts funding/taxpayers forking out to clear up, in the end just costs too much."


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713 - doesn't seem like a lot, but I have pared back the waffle a tad, trying to rearrange texts so they stay relevant.  Thing is, this needs to sound less like an essay and more like a speech.  I am not a good orator - write = yes; speak = no. I am running about 90 words behind which let me tell you, for me is unheard of.

Graffiti Revisited


I have to write a speech on a subject I have studied - so I am revisiting Graffiti again.This is more of an inner city problem and far less common in the UK than, say America etc. I am digging through my old Access stuff (including my old PP on it) and this time, because I haven't got wonderful photos, I am going to rely on persuasive speech.  Basically, I want to get across the benefits of community arts projects and the idea of livening up dull concrete.

I am involved with festival banner making in one of our local towns.  I use bold colours and simple forms to convey passion and soul.  Last academic year, I made a Hamlet artifact using very bright colours. It wasn't exactly Matisse's Blue Period, but it was eye-catching and has pride of place on my bedroom wall.  I agree that some tags are not attractive, especially offensive ones - yet some of the most amazing artwork has been the traditional block/bubble font.  I have mentioned Banksy and we have our own local Bot Man, who tends to sticker-bomb, rather than spray can his work.

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Not sure how I am going to pull this off just yet. Right now, I have written 376 words with a further 424 - 624 words to find. Ah, the art of persuasive writing - PP's say so much more :-/

Have just found a page which shows public art - the Belfast Murals, that depict the history of the troubles for many generations.  Fascinating stories and possibly the biggest place of public/political art.

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607 words all told - a little slow, because I had to do additional research and and keep a running reference.  I also took a break and has Mother's day tea/cake with my sister.  it is shaping up nicely and I will do more tomorrow :-)