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Golden Heart

I can't really say that I-am-in-the-universe-and-it's-inside-of-me kinda girl, but I appreciated the sentimentSo much healing needed on all levels, I feelTen months of train-wrecking health and socio-economical disasters. Maybe we all needed a wake up callWho knows...In a few days, I will be embarking on a proofreading course, which I am hoping to use as part of my stay-at-home initiative. After a season of facing resentful members of the public in one job and an awful amount of alpha female chest beating in another job, it's safe to say I am done with the outside worldTo be honest, I didn't need a lot of excuses to stay out of the loop and maybe a home-grown freelance proofreading enterprise is what I needBelieve it or not, a standard spell checker cannot determine the difference between 'peace of mind' piece of mind', especially in a document that wants to allay people's fearsHa - pointed out that one (amongst other misdemeanors), only for them to ignore my concerns and it went to press regardlessSuffice to say, the firm in question was a laughing stock to its competitors..

To get some sanity, I am doing some scrapbook journaling, which has gone from angry grime gurl to happy lick 'n' sticker.  I notice that my style has gone from the reds and greens of Xmas to monochrome and gold, hence choosing this pic from FB (not sure of artist, will credit if revealed).  Surprisingly pleasing, much better than greys that I usually associate with Fuckuary.  I can rant in writing, then cover it up with pretty pix.  Better to look at, easier to process, too.  I am also trawling Spotify for newish music.  So many bands discovered while I was at the packing plant. plus more recently (though I have to say that Spotify hasn't totally got my algorithms - it seemingly gets confused with new wave/cold wave and German metal).

EDIT ::: Excited clappy hands - mentioned my proofreading to a couple of friends.  One has shown me two community/growth & skills hubs and another has responded to my offer of help and may spread the word.  Now, to find the right track and course....hmmm.
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Music From A Dream: Null + Void - Where I Wait Feat. Dave Gahan

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This music caught my attention back in November, but for a change, I didn't ponder the narrative of the video or the lyrics.  Strange then, that last night I dreamt I was in a cornfield with this tune playing in the background.  I am not sure why it was such a profound dream, but it now has my full attention.

Elvis of Basildon

Ahhh - have lost my heart to Depeche Mode all over again.  This is my favourite all time DM song and possible the best footage of them, live at the Pasadena Rose Bowl, June 1988.  Track is a little bit hissy at the high end of the scale, but the footage is the clearest and I can forgive the high end hiss if I don't wear headphones.  Dave - my Elvis of Basildon.  One day, I will see them live.