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Today's Earworm

I can thank Classic FM for this, though they didn't play the original like I am now. It's about this time of year that I have Japan's Tin Drum on loop, too. It celebrates its fortieth anniversary later this year - I remember hearing it for the first time in the spring of the following year, though and it reminds me of being fifteen years old, borrowing my friend's tape and literally playing it to death. It als reminds me of mist, daffodils and a light from a blue bulb in our bathroom that had been used in my mother's sanctuary. We had home-made water softeners in the form of lavender and oatmeal tied in the foot of an clean-but-old pair of laddered tights, which was then knotted, trimmed and used under a hot bath tap. Funny how you remember things.

I am still looking for corrections on my assignment brief and even though I have created pdfs, I am yet to find and feel comfortable with the icons. Send out for snacks - I might be gone for a very long time.

Proofreading Course - Lesson 4/Day 1

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Well, I got 84% in my SPaG test, which isn't bad, I suppose. Downloaded the fourth lesson, only to find that they want you to read lesson one again. Recap time. Not sure why, but I guess it will be revealed in the fullness of time. Will read it on screen, though - not got enough paper to read it offscreen.

It was wakey wakey vaccinate-y day today and it wasn't as stabby-ouchy as to be expected. I am used to nurses taking blood (I have poor veins, so it's a challenge for them and mass discomfort for me as they keep having to find a valid vein), but this was less than a scratch.  They say if I get any symptoms, it will be in the next 72 hours. Anything more than described in the leaflet will need a 111 call. Great. Will look out for that.

OK, I'm going to have to take a crash course in Adobe PDF, as I have only ever corrected things in MSWord. Think this might happen tomorrow, as my arm has got a tad sore and I'm fed up with reading.

Proofreading - Back to Basics Punctuation & Grammar

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To be honest, I knew most things about nouns, verbs etc. to me, that was largely junior school stuff. The sentence structure official word blah blah  was the one I was falling down on as I hadn't learnt it years ago. However, I still got a high 2:i three years ago, so the basic rules of SPaG must've been at work. There were a few things I had to learn in the first year; I am shocked that they are learning the technical term 'fronted adverbials' at KS2. I understand that kids have got to learn how sentence structure is everything, but...technical terms at that age? Really?

Back to work. More note taking, more reading-around-the-mulberry-bush.

I have information overload. I have been in copy and paste overdrive and some of it is making sense. I really need a shorthand form, so I can quickly check, rather than go through pages of stuff to get it to sink in. Tomorrow I will do some quizzes, look at the brief and see how it goes.

Actually, tomorrow is a big day - I had a message from NHS Direct this morning, informing me that I was in a higher category than they first thought and I am to get the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab tomorrow at 10:30. Not looking forward to it, but I will do anything to move forward. Bottom line is that I trust our scientists (Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty and his deputy Professor Jonathan Van Tam) more than our politicians.

Proofreading: Back to Basics - Spelling

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Picture irrelevant, but it is said to be an ancient home in  Kashan, Iran (from the Ancient Origins website)

So, I am going to spend the day reading around common spelling mistakes; I was heartened to see that there wasn't many that I slipped up on, but just like everybody else, I do have my weak words eg anything ending in 'ence' and 'ance'. Less common words are understandably misspelt, but it's a case of finding out what they are en route when you are proffreading other people's work.

Back later.

Suffice to say, there is a lot of prompting and bookmarking going on. I have learnt(and relearnt) quite a bit, so some progress has been made.

Share A Hare Or Two

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Artist: Sam Cannon

Plodding on with lesson 3, which is basically about bookmarking links and doing a lot of independent learning from scattered-but-approved places on the net. I'm on punctuation at the moment, spent a lot of time yelling at the screen, where it is obvious that some of the websites have become glitchy. For instance, I had already punctuated something, told I was wrong then correct it - only to be told that my first answer was right. There were a few things that I didn't know and will have to brush up on, which is fine.

Interesting is the art of correct punctuation. We've already seen the difference between "Let's eat, Grandma!" and "Let's eat Grandma!", but there have been other ones.  Take for instance the following;

Collapse )

It is ficticious, but the last artcle on this page is true and also very costly.

Proofreading Course - Lesson 2/Day 3

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There are some ties that I am happy to let go of and there are some that are beyond my control. It could be said that the latter doesn't matter, but it does. I hate to be in a position that i have to tread carefully with some of whom I have a deep connection, but because of their domestic set up, I walk on eggshells and there are other ways to communicate, but Covid basically shut that down.

I am reading around my subject today and will be attempting the test later on. I am to read The Guardian Online and BBC News to see how their house styles vary - or not.  It's as boring as that.

Proofreading Course: Lesson 2/Day 1

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After being off-piste for 5 days, I am now swotting up on lesson 2. This involves reading around the subject as I have to fill in some gaps before I answer an online quiz. Today, I learnt that two spaces as a fullstop is considered 'archaic'. Huh. I did my degree and most of my writing the archaic way and now I have to undo that habit, which might take a while. Even typing this entry has seen me go back and alter the space differential.  Need to apply myself more - I don't know why I am dragging my feet. Fear of failure, I suppose. Will spend more time on it this evening, as it looks like Hubby wants the tv to watch what he wants to watch i.e. not the stuff I would like to watch.

Prologue Lesson 2

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I haven't been near my proofreading course for nearly a week.  Some of it was down to other business, migraine etc., but quite a bit of it was down to reading a friend's PhD work.  It is so strange to read one person's work from a very different discipline.  It's been read and I have made notes - I have a pretty good idea about the nature and argument of the article and I will reply with a few punctuation changes and there are areas where chipping in my ha'pporth should help.  Does make me wish I had studied the eco-crit module at Plymouth, but they couldn't run it that year.  It will be a day or two before I reply in any case.

Let's get down to business - I have just printed off my lesson document, which appears to be only 13 pages long, apposed to the meatier 25 pages I got in the last download.  Thinking cap perched at jaunty angle and.....WE'RE OFF!!