Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

50 Day Meme Challenge 2014 - Day 28

28) A favourite memory with a sibling?

Oh many - but as it is this wonderful time of the year, I might as well write about the ill-fated Christmas cakes.

Christmas Cake 1 - P1 was about 2 years old and I was living back with my mother.  She was due to go out to a do and asked me to mind the baking of the Christmas cake.  I used the timer, periodically tested it - all was fine with the world. My sister comes in and is on a 'Chicken Soup' diet, brews up this rubbery-smelling broth....then turns the cooker off.  I come down 1.5 hours later and have heart failure, when I look at the stopped dial. We both peer into the oven, to find that the cake has sunk and was the cake equivalent of Delabole Slate Quarry.  However it had at least baked and so with a flash of inspiration, I turned it upside down, smothered it in apricot jam and marzipaned the bugger before Madame came home.  She didn't suss, until she took a slice on Christmas Day, then demanded to know why we had a concave cake.

Christmas Cake 2 - My mother's old house was really cold and damp and icing the cake was a nightmare. It sweated like Nixon and not solidify.  My sister (note these things happen when she is around) recently had a hairdryer for her brithday - so we decided to blow dry the cake.  Sister put it on the wrong setting and blows it OFF the cake and up the wall. We wet ourselves laughing.

Christmas Cake 3 - Mum knew that Hubby didn't like Christmas cake icing and offered to ice it with white chocolate.  She bought what she thought was the correct chocolate and left things til last minute - only to find late on Christmas Eve that she had bought MILK chocolate.  Talk about sulk! She iced it, with bottom lip poking out. I had made a thumb-sized FIMO Santa and put him on a pair of KitKat skis.  Mum sulked even more, claiming that "It just looks like Santa has taken a s**t all over my Christmas cake!!" Sister just kept laughing at her. I sieved some icing sugar over the top, exclaiming brightly, "Look, it's just snowed - problem averted!" Mum in foul mood as sister just points and laughs at the 'Santa Poo' cake.
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