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Domestic Bliss

Susan Copich is a mother, actress, and photographer from New York who has taken a seriously dark approach to family photographs. She titles her unique collection of pictures “Domestic Bliss,” and while many elements in her photos appear quite ‘blissful,’ the dark details she includes bring some rarely discussed humors to light.

Copich writes, “If you’ve met me, I have a very seemingly sunny disposition, but I have a whole interior world where at different times I’ve felt depression and angst. For many years, I put it in a little ball, and I decided to just explore it this time. It’s been so fun to bring those feelings out and give them light.”

Each photograph includes details of a normal, happy family, but Copich carefully inserts some twisted dark elements that challenge everyday ideologies about happy families. Check out some of her hilarious and awesome photos here!

Like most moms, Copich has spent many years taking photos of her family. Yet around the time she turned 45 she noticed she wasn’t really in the photos much anymore, instead she was just taking them. And out of this realization a new creative spark was born.

Copich decided to create a series of photos that highlighted her inner feelings, including the negative ones she usually keeps hidden from the world, and even herself at times.

Happy Days


Around the same time Copich noticed she wasn’t in the family photos, her agent stopped calling, and her marriage no longer felt fresh and new. Suddenly Copich admits feeling rather “irrelevant” and “middle aged.” And so to spice up her life and keep sane she decided to take some photography classes.

The same night that her class studied Cindy Sherman’s work, Copich went home and turned her camera onto herself. She says on her website, “All forms of art and pop culture influence my work, from the masters to film to literature to fashion magazines.” Along with outside inspiration, Copich also relies on inspirations won from her own life experiences.

Old Habits


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