Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Hard Times/ North and South - Reading Day II

I have annotated 120 pages, made extensive notes and have been hunched up for hours. I have another 120 to go before I finish, then it is onwards to reading 'North and South'; a short paper on Utilitarianism and planning/doing the essay by the 8th. We break up on the 11th and I will have to spend my last week trying to book a tutor session to sort out my assignment for Coleridge and the last 5 days studying at Penwith College, so I can get the critcal essays I need online and take out some library books.

A friend who got the same degree 8 years ago, apparently told the lecturer that 'North and South' was crap - the biggest step back in the feminist movement that one could take. I will let him know what I think on Monday.
Tags: charles dickens, fda english y2, grindstone files - year 2, hard times, the victorians

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