Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Mettle Fatigue

I'm A-wake A-gain. Hubby has his appointment with the consultant later on today. They will tell him how long he has to wait for a procedure and/or further tests. I have a PP to do in less than 9 hours - it is worth 20% of my entire module mark. I could ask for another day, but it will be a yoke around my neck. I have to write this sucker too: explain the timeline between Perrault's 'Le Barbe Bleu' to Winterson's 'Oranges' via Brothers Grimm; Sheridan le Fanu; Charles Dickens; Charlotte Bronte; Robert Browning x 2; Jean Rhys; Angela Carter and to finish, Bill Willingham/DC Comics.

Mini Diss - frickin' epic more like.

But here I am at twenty to two in the morning, burning my eyeballs out, courtesy of my SmartPhone. I think we just want results, medications/procedures prescribed/performed so we can get on with life. We are both trying to finish our higher education, both trying to complete the tasks that should've been cleared years ago and then say "We did it! Yay! Against the odds, we did it!" Rather than scare ourselves half to death with unspeakable fears, born out of waiting too long on what is meant to be the 'Urgent' NHS Waiting List.

Will try to sleep - it is cold outside 6c (44f? Random guess) and the stars are bright with chilly brittleness.

Edit ::: It had gone VERY cold 0c (32f)
Tags: insomnia, the black dog

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