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Bluebeard Powerpoint - Day 3

This time of week, I am usually at college learning all there is to be learnt in Context/Film and New Tech. However, I am unwell - spent most of yesterday afternoon on the settee, under the duvet with a hotwater bottle and the cat.  Today I am fractionally better, but I have an upset stomach and periodically feel sick.  I have sent my apologies, have cranked the heating up and am working on my PP - wrapped in jumpers, scarves and with Classic FM warbling in the background.

I hadn't realised that the Bluebeard figure has turned up in DC Comics (the ones who have produced Superman/Batman et al) under the Fables label - plus the figure appears to be on the gaming forums too, reimagined as a mafiaesque boss who tortures and kills.  I will have to research this deeper.  It is interesting how the old monsters have resurfaced in a different way - via the internet etc.

I think I have the bare bones of it down now - I need to find quotes and references.  Plus ::: I have ditched the Eugenides book and have swapped one Winterson book for another('Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit') and reread Atwood Bluebeard's Egg'.  I need to know whaere I am going with this and the path isn't clear at the moment.  I need to make the arguement stand up through out and I think I have seen too much of it at the moment.

Edit ::: I found a brilliant academic essay on Jeanette Winterson and 'Oranges'/'Bluebeard' from 'The Oxford Journal Online - 25 pages long! Guess I will be heading to the local college library tomorrow.
Tags: angela carter, bluebeard, fda english y2, grindstone files - year 2, integrative literary study, powerpoint presentation
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