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Enameline 2014

I am reprising my fairy tale from 2012 as I have run out of time re composing a new one for the forum.  I was going to submit it back when I wrote it, but had become side-tracked for a variety of different reasons.  I will not be doing this as part of my IAS work - I just want the satisfaction of entring SOME competition, even if I get a polite "no thanks" or even if it never sees the light of day again.  Funny how you look at things with a more academic eye - I looked at it and automatically thought ::: no, that won't work (plus I have to bunce the figures up from 1,070 to around 1,500).

Tap-tap, tappitty-tap - listening to Vespertine as per 2012.  I can't believe that was 2 years ago.
Tags: enameline 2014, fairy tales

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