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Rewriting the ILS Abstract

The original abstract is ok, but it looks as if I will have to combine some sentences - I thought I was developing an argument, but I can now clearly see where I am at risk of repeating myself. I am not sure just how long it will take, but as per usual I will do it by solidly plodding.

I have spent over an hour trying to rewrite just one bloody paragraph - I certainly hope that things will get better :-/

Things are getting a little better, but I am going to have to nail down dates and try to make sense of note scribbles.  I am also very aware that I have the beginnings of a cold, bogged down by sneezing and shivers.

I can't believe that I could make such a long, drawn-out rewrite of this abstract.  I think it's because a) I am aware that some of the terminolgy that I need to use is way above my head at the moment, compounded by b) feeling like crap and wanting to roll in a ball and hibernate.

It is done for now - it is full of holes, but it is early on in the course and right now, I am beyond caring.
Tags: fda english y2, grindstone files - year 2, integrative literary study
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