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Lagging Behind

I have meant to have a week off, sorting out reading and study - but I have been in college far more than if I was actually in class.  There has been a knock-on effect and I am seriously lagging behind in my study.  Spiritually and pastorally, it has been enlightening, but I have to get back on track.  Get the balance right.  Thankfully, I am early on in my course but I need to knuckle down.

This weekend is about sorting out the time line on all of my Integrative modules.

  • ILS - I am finding that some of my choices re Bluebeard have not been appropriate - they are more about protected virginity than obsession and control.

  • IAS - As previously written, I had drawn a blank re the fairy tales.  A friend has suggested a couple of themes - a ham-fisted tooth fairy (or one that steals adult teeth by mistake), murder at a fairy convention etc.

Whatever I do, I will have to write an appraisal, so my lecturer can see my train of thought and advise. Brain isn't exactly firing on all four cylinders.

A better afternoon although disrupted - there is a grey cat that keeps breaking in to eat Dill's food. We don't have a cat flap as detailed here. Suffice to say that we removed the ill-fitting cat flap and the pane of glass missing is big enough to accomodate a portly cat and now seemingly, all of his friends.  She is very friendly and Dill is ok with her as long as she doesn't push her luck.  I do not feed her, but do not remonstrate her either - a rod for my own back. Today, she has gone from jumping up on my desk and demand that I give back Dill's dish, to actually trying to ransack the dining room for Dill's biscuits. I know have a bin in front of the door which has made Dill crabby because he can't go out when he pleases.  Anything for a quiet life at the moment.

I can well understand how dissertations can descend into one god-awful sticky mess.  Trying to explain the reasons why I am trying to understand the Bluebeard theory, I think I would be better served reading about Jungian archetypes BEFORE setting out to read any of the other stuff.  Right now, my premise looks like badly-strung knitting that has been dipped in glue (strange simile, I know).  I am a day out - if I had another two days ahead of me, the whole shebang (modular homework across the board) would've been sorted before I went back to college.

I have got to step away from this - it's doing my *insert expletive* head in.

Feeling a bit better as I think my way forward is to follow a timeline, but I do think that I need to read some of the stuff I am not so familiar with (i.e. Justine/Villette/Virgin Suicides). It is about 3/4s done but still going and I need to cull about 134 words as it is.

I have finished the draft for now - will need to go over this more tomorrow (about 2 hours maybe?) before I move onto the IAS.  Plus I have to lose minimum of 61 words to make it fit.  Right now, at least I can go to bed knowing that the worst of it is done.
Tags: angela carter, bluebeard, fairy tales, fda english y2, grindstone files - year 2, integrative applied study, integrative literary study

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