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Tomorrow is the last day before half term break.  It will be taken up with Film and New Tech.  It looks that my study/reading week will be interrupted by Student Ambassador training days - I can do 2.5 of them, but I don't want it to significantly eat into my coursework. I also have to submit timesheets and my bursary form or I won't get paid til the following month.  I have a few ideas in regards to rethinking a few things - we'll have to wait and see how things pan out.

Work to be sorted:

1) ILS

  • I have the action plan, need to read a few things first e.g. Jeffrey Euginides' The Virgin Suicides and see if Gender Theory would be more suited than Feminist Theory (research Foucault/Lacan).

  • Will also have to research Vladimir Propp, plus Freud on sex and death (Eros/Thanatos).

2) IAS

  • Vocational - basically getting myself into print.  Again, I have an action plan but I will have to steamline e.g. Who are my target audiences? What genre? etc.

Four short stories, a mixture of flash fiction or shorter. Reworked fairy tale and/or gothic. Competitions that aren't pricey and mix/match Writer's Magazines/links online, plus consult Writers' & Artists Year Book 2015

3) The Romantics - Create Powerpoint Presentation on Jean-Jacques Rousseau (<------- I know absolutely nothing about him as yet).

4) Contx/Film - Consider my choice of auteur in Film (Tim Burton).


I am concerned that I will be expected to do more than that AND fit in the extra curricular training as well.

*has sinking feeling*
Tags: fda english y2, grindstone files - year 2

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