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Right now, I am overloaded with articles about the Bluebeard archetypes.  There are some great critical essays from LION resource, possibly more from Blackwells and Cambridge Online, but for some reason, the server doesn't recognise my log in - even through the authorised portal.  Which means probably another batch of sessions back at Truro and/or look up The English Review.

As I feel a bit snowed under: I will continue to read Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber/Bluebeard (are they one and the same story or is Carter using the story two different ways? Will find out later); Margaret Attwood's Bluebeards Egg and possibly look at Dickens' Captain Murder (though it doesn't seem to be a big story of his).

Two more to research;

  • Fitcher's Bird

  • The White Dove

Plus, I will have to provide proof of what I am doing for IAS - namely consider genre and length of prose and then online competitions to submit them to.  I have also picked up Writer's Magazine, which has some info and links as well as The Writer's & Artists Year Book 2015.  Head has gone from it's post concussion stage of fuzzy and now is buzzy with information overload.

Edit::: I have just found Justine by M. de Sade. Ho hum.
Tags: fda english y2, grindstone files - year 2, integrative literary study

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