Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard


I am travelling with some freshers tomorrow to the Mothership (Plymouth Uni) and one of the lectuers is on Macbeth (which isn't on my syllabus, not on Truro Colleges for either this or next academic year).  However, it is going to be on Lit Crit, so I had better brush up my Shakespeare and blag both a film and sparknotes for now. I think this will be more about the Crit than Lit (either that, or I will have to keep my gob firmly shut for a change).

Really I would have preferred reading the new Terry Pratchet A Slip of the Keyboard or Stephen Fry's More Fool Me - hot off the shelf, picked up by me and something I would infinately prefer to read than being bogged down by the Bard.  That and Homer's The Odyssey which right now, I draw a blank on.  In anycase - I will be comatosed by the time I get home tomorrow.
Tags: fda english y2, plymouth university, vids 2014, what is theory?

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