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Contextual Study of Film - Tim Burton

I have chosen Tim Burton as autuer for my subject in the Contextual Study of Film module.  I have already got Big Fish, Corpse Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas, Big Fish and Alice in Wonderland, but have had to order Batman, Batman Returns, Frankenweenie, Ed Wood, Mars Attacks! Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice. Although I have seen all of these films, I need to throw myself in the deep end and really study the symbols and themes of his work more closely.  I can see where he is influenced by Dr Seuss' characters and how his time spent with Disney paid off. I think I will be thoroughly glued to the box come Reading Week at the end of October.
Tags: contextual study of film, fda english y2, grindstone files - year 2, tim burton

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