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The Victorian Book As An Artefact

I had a look in the old book section at Oxfam’s in Redruth, managed to pick up a Victorian book (mid-range, not that glitzy Queechy by E. Wetherell.  Haven’t the foggiest idea what it is about).  There was a Beeton’s Poultry book going for £75, very rare it seems.  Had a look on eBay – a Mrs Beeton’s book similar to the one shown above was going for £120 starting bid.  Bit pricey this Victorian book lark – there are other costly ones behind glass behind the till that were £75 plus.  Can’t imagine a vintage kindle going for the same price, eh?

Managed to get two other interesting non-Victorian era books – Music in the Romantic Era by Albert Einstein (of all people) and Poe’s Tales of Mystery & Imagination, illustrated by Arthur Rackham.  The former is informative (if a bit dry); the latter is beautifully gothy as you would expect Edgar Allan Poe’s books to be. A good spooky read in the dark shadows of night

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