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Second Day Back

Yesterday, we started Contextual Study of Film, which included concentrating on auteur theory and watching Hitcock's Vertigo for an hour.  The above clip was from Singing in the Rain and the sequence was choreographed by Gene Kelly - who is seen more as an auteur, rather than plainly just an actor/dancer.  MGM began by producing musicals and obviously this is a classic.  Not so impressed with New Tech at the moment.  I am used to Windows and had to contented with finding my ass with both hands way round a Mac.  Confusing.  Plus we had to look at a new Blog forum called Padlet and I found it fiddly to use (but I have since figured it maybe a problem because I am using a mac - does not seem to be so much of a problem at home).  I have been looking at the old Year 2 Blogs and they seem to have been using Blogspot - I may have to raise my old account from the dead.

Sorted the Student Ambassador paperwork out and it seems that the cross peer mentoring will start in October as I might be accompanying 1st year FdA Students on a trip to the Mothership (Plymouth Uni), plus I may sign up to the Open Evenings at Penwith as well as Truro. I am trying not to think about it too much at the moment - that way, I won't panic but will attend if put on the spot.
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