Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Dracula - Finished

I have finally finished Dracula, as so did Harker and Quincy Morris - whoops, no spoilers. Verdict - convoluted and dragged in places, though the beginning was very much like the Hammer Horror of old, with Harker having crucifixes pressed upon him by fearful villagers. Must admit to skimming some of it, but I am confused as to how Madam Mina managed to still be alive years later, when earlier she was showing all of the signs of vampirism.  The likes of Van Helsing would have only been too pleased to brandish the garlic/stake and despatch her into the next world.

I may read Frankenstein at some point to balance things up a bit. Next is the rest of Moby Dick - I don't want to tackle tomes like Middlemarch or Massive Dorrit unless I have to. Hard Times,Great Expectations and Dracula have been done - I will chip away at the rest another time.
Tags: dracula, summer book list 2014

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