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Out of Sync

The summer appears to be reluctant to let go this year. By now, I would usually be wrapping myself up against the elements and contemplate the last part of the cycle. It is nice to have the unseasonably warm weather, but confusing also. Crisping leaves abound, but I still have to water the plants on my patio. I am out of sync - I have eight days before I go back to college, but because of the student ambassador role and early registration, I will be back in earlier than that.

Maybe I should throw myself back into study this week, but how can I do so when the sun beats through the window and the fan is still switched on? I work best when there is rain on the pavement and clouds in the sky. I say this but my whole demeanour will change in February, when I will be sick of dark days and perishing wind and yearn for bright evenings with the sun on my face.

Tomorrow (or rather later today), Hubby has to help a friend with some timber - so I may just take a trip out to Heartlands, remembering to take my camera with me. Maybe trap some late summer sunshine and shadows amongst the curves and angles. Last time I was there, I picked up some lovely cards with hand-painted crows on them and saw a bicycle which someone had crocheted over. I would also like to photograph the restored engine house too.

I need to sleep first, though - perchance to dream...
Tags: night time musings

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