Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Playing Truant

College is looming - I have got two weeks before I go back and I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. Twelve weeks didn't go by in a flash, in fact it dragged a bit around August. I am meant to be reading some of the classics, but now suddenly I want out. So I am playing truant. Have done my trip to St Ives, Looe and Polperro - Monday, I am booked on a trip with my sister and niece. Squee!! Further afield than usual and I haven't been to this destination for over five years.

I know WHY I am doing this - I am at a midway point. Even though I am a third of the way through the course, in real terms, I am half way through my four year plan. My workload is increasing and I will be tied to a desk writing 5,000 word mini dissertations this year and 12,000 dissertations next year. So I feel like I am on an educational/metaphorical hen night at the moment - running away and refusing to commit, then sigh and then be resigned to being wedded to my course for another nine months.

It's not like I have remained idle - I have read three Dickens, a Conan Doyle, most of Bram Stoker, Ray Bradbury and part the way through Hermann Melville. I think if I can get through the partly-read ones and maybe plough Middlemarch, then I will feel like I have made a substantial effort, rather than achieved nothing and then sitting there, going "Duh" if I am asked anything.

So - out again. I am one boat ride and a camera click away from another fabulous day out :-)
Tags: grindstone files - year 2
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