Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Intelligent Design?

I just love these images.  On the left, you have the brain cell, which is has three neurons and their connections to one another; the other is a snap shot of our present-day universe with its own yellow galaxies and surrounded by "stars and dark matter" (Source: - Accessed 02/09/14).  There have been suggestions about the universe being a giant brain for years, mostly in far-fetched sci-fi novels, but it appears that scientists are warming to this idea.

Computer simulation has shown that the universe "may grow like a giant brain" and that "previously undiscovered fundamental laws govern systems both large and small, from the growth of brains [...] to the expansion of galaxies" (Source: - Accessed 02/09/14).  Now, none of this is new - the data has been available for at least two years, but I think it is something that Dawkins and his crew should stop short and chew on.  It could be a contributory factor to the possibility of 'Intelligent Design,' rather than just 'Natural Selection.' It is not concrete proof, but it does have fascinating possibilities.

Tags: astronomy, intelligent design

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