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Before The Dawn

Kate Bush - Before the Dawn poster image
Kate Bush: Behind the dawn - Source:

At long last, Kate Bush re-emerges from her country life and not only brings forth a new album, but a rare tour too.  It has been rated as a spell-binding operatic performance and has amazed and cheered her fans in equal measure.  The debut last night rocked the Hammersmith Apollo and rave reviews have been hitting the headlines for the past 24 hours.

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I was very definitely a fan, enjoyed many of her older hits such as Army Dreamers, Sat in Your Lap and the fantastic Running Up That Hill.  Now, she has released many wonderful albums with incredible tracks (notably King of the Mountain and Pi on the Aerial album and the glorious 50 Words For Snow, voiced by Stephen Fry); my favourite piece of music by far is The Ninth Wave found on the​ B Side of the Hounds of Love album.  It gave me such a rich vein of creativity to tap into. I painted, drew, modeled craft clay and wrote a lot listening to this over 25 years ago. If you have never listened to it, please do so - it is thirty minutes of stunning music.

I am so pleased that she has found the courage to perform again.  I think she is such a talented performer and it is great to hear her music, both old hits and present day.  It is rare to find people who are such gifted all-round artists and I look forward to hearing more of her stuff in the near future.  A friend of mine was lucky enough to get a ticket to one of her performances next week and even though she will not be taking any photos/film, she has promised to tell me all when she returns.

Squeee!!! Welcome back, Kate Bush :-)
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