Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

The Melting Pot


Spent a lovely afternoon chin-wagging in 'The Melting Pot' in Redruth, with my sister and niece. The cafe is inside the old Redruth Grammer School building, renamed 'Krowji,' which sees an array of artists come and teach various arts and crafts such as mosaics and felting etc.  The cafe has many quirky and wonderous decor and the food is pretty decent too.  It was nice to relax in such a lovely place and I hear that their music evenings on a Wednesday nights are pretty good too.

I love the inventiveness of it all - the lampshade made out of pencils, the colander stage decorations, the little plastic gunmen over the doorway. A piano in the corner and a zany array of mismatched retro chairs. I am very interested as to what Krowji has to offer too - it is now a thriving meeting place for the creative arts, including textiles, ceramics etc and both links are below for more information.

Krowji --------------------------------------->

The Melting Pot --------------------------->
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