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The Time Machine - The Shortest Story

Even though Wells' book can be seen in the utopian/dystopian model, I would say that today it fitted in with a 'Dying Earth' sub genre, with a lot of Steampunk thrown in.  It is a very short story, 87 pages in total -  not that it didn't have enough packed into it. To me, it is a caricature of Wells' observations on the Mid Victorian/Late Industrial Revolution, seen by the divided human race comprised of weak, childlike Uplanders (the Eloi) and the sinister subterranean dwellers (the Morlocks).  An interesting book - I feel that it will fall into the band of 'Marxist' critique.

I have just read it as a regular reader, without an essay in mind - It will definitely be one that I will return to and REALLY devour if I have to compare/contrast in one of the modules (possibly Dicken's Hard Times).  Before I turn the page of any other Dickens tomes (another is due through my front door tomorrow), I am going to attempt reading Bram Stokers' Dracula.

I am still reading Monica Ali's Brick Lane and am about halfway through.  I am trying to read at least 2 chapters a day and have come to a point where the central character is attending a religious meeting with a man whom she is clearly falling in love with.  No spoilers here - an interesting book, but unless you have time on your hands, it is a labour of love.
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