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HE Student Ambassador Notification

I have just received a letter from my college, informing me that I have been nominated as one of the students who would make an excellent Student Ambassador for Higher Education.  Part of the job is to act as a mentor to people considering doing a degree, or returning to Education.  As part of this 'mentoring' process, I will be attending events and will be able to access free training. Bonus? I will be paid per scheduled hour and above minimum wage.

It isn't a shoe-in - I will have to have group and separate interviews to see if I am worthy.  If I am successful, then it will develop existing skills and enhance my CV.  I am flattered, if a bit nervous about it.  They forgot to send me the prerequisite forms, so I will have to chase that down on Monday. If I get it, I will just have to brazen myself through it - if it helps me develop better IT skills, even better. Go me (I say NOW - maybe different when the time comes).
Tags: fda english y2, student ambassador for higher education

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