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What the Duck?

satellite journey
(Source - - Accessed 06/08/14)

The Rosetta probe and Comet 67P are back in the news.  The probe is set to rendezvous within 100km (62 miles) of the comet around about Wednesday and will perform a triangular movement around the object, whilst it is hurtling through space at a nifty 55.000km per hour (34,000 mph).  It will collect information, before jettisoning a fridge-sized lander named Philae, thus heralding scientists at the European Space Agency (ESA) as "the sexiest, most fantastic mission possible" (Source - - Accessed 06/08/14).

Sorry ESA - whereas I see all of the metaphors lined up to give the 'excitable' attributes, it is clearly the wrong adjective.  I am all for finding out the building blocks of life etc, but let's face it - it is a giant techno dragonfly trying to mount a space duck.  Fascinating it is - sexy it is not. Or is that how technerds get their rocks off - by harpooning a comet?

I can hear the Gunther Ding Dong Song song as I type...

Full Duck and video  ------------------------------------>
Tags: astronomy, comet 67p, space duck
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