Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Car Trouble....Again

Not a good day front left brake is totally fried - would not stop at roundabout, but thankfully managed to steer it to a bus stop, trundling to the very end.  On top of the time I was waylaid at the bank (which have wrongly screwed my account to the tune of £54) and inconveniently parked waiting for Prodigal 2 near the Vodafone shop, I had to spend a further 3 hours waiting for a wise ass in the orange van to sort out aforementioned car.

Bus drivers were mostly ok, but there was one ignoramous who took it upon himself to rev and toot.  Sent P2 out to deal with him, because by this time my mood had soured somewhat.  Can't think why.

Went to M&S - 2 Yummy Mummies with 6 children; the latter who were jumping, screaming, climbing over tables, cramming food into their mouths, and smearing stuff over everything.  Yummy Mummies uttered fond and gentle reproof, whilst the little sods took no notice and took the place apart.

Sat on my temper, but had full screamy, stampy, hissy fit when I got home - full paddy with very basic Anglo Saxon uttered at not a particularly discrete level. Feel better, but can hear blood singing in my ears. The bank still have their money, the mechanic still has my car and the brats still have their lives. I don't know which I resent the most :-(
Tags: car, mike s

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