Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Great Expectations

I chewed through Hard Times, I must admit. No spoilers, but I should have known that Bounderby with all of his bluster, was going to become undone at some point and Gradgrind is really surprised that his daughter is bitter at being raised as an emotionless automaton. Next is Great Expectations, which is 200 pages longer than Hard Times. I watched the film over the weekend but will read over the next few days.

I have just had a look at the other Dickens prerequisites and it appears that Dickens doesn't believe in slim novels.

Oliver Twist - bigger than Great Expectations. Personally, I would not be asking for "more," Oliver.
The Old Curiosity Shop - bigger than Oliver Twist.  More Like The Old Curiosity Mall
Little Dorrit - is a lie.  It is huge, a Big Fat Dorrit, tipping the scales at nearly 1,000 pages.


It seems that I am going to be stuck with Victorian workhouses for my summer break - the joy :-(
Tags: charles dickens, great expectations, summer book list 2014, the victorians

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