Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Hard Times.....Hard-Going

I am only finding this hard-going, because I have got up to chapter 12, where lowly loom operator Steven Blackpool comes home from work to find that his drunkard wife has reappeared and is conked out, snoring in his bed.  I am not trying to read too far ahead, but I just feel that that I am at an aimless point of the book, where there are question marks over Bounderby's character. I cheated a bit yesterday - Great Expectations was on Film4 a couple of days back, which I promptly recorded. When I have finished Hard Times, I will move on to it, especially now I have a better understanding of the book.

For those vaguely interested, the 1946 black and white film is below.

Tags: charles dickens, great expectations, hard times

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