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Writer's Block Announcement

Found the page.
Hi Everyone!

Do you remember Writer's Block, the question of the day that helped inspire your creativity? Well, we are bringing it back! We want to preserve the original idea of Writer's Block, of course, but we also want to increase the focus on writing.

Before we get too far along in restoring it though, we'd like to hear your feedback! Previously, the Writer's Block was a community and a module on the homepage which allowed you to post answers to your journal. Did you get more use out of it on the homepage or within the community? Did you answer mostly through the comments or did you use it to start new blog posts via the homepage module?

For the new Writer's Block, we would like to post a question every weekday except for Friday. On Fridays we'd like to try something a little different and feature a special writing prompt that is designed not only to spark your imagination, but to hone specific writing skills such as character development, tone, or description of setting. What are your thoughts on adding this type of prompt?

Thank you so much in advance! We are very excited about the renewal of this feature!


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