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Why does the smell of masonry paint bring the insect kingdom out in droves??

I decided to get some paint for my decrepit garden statues; an eclectic bunch made up of two sphinxes, a hedgehog, and a pekinese - left over from my father's days of working at a place that produces concrete garden ornaments.  Piece de resistance is a bust of Michelangelo's David, which is over 40 years old and is pitted, giving him a mature outlook.  Alas, he will deteriorate if I hadn't give him a coat of Sandtex this year. Thus heralded the start of flitting wings and scurrying feet from my garden. I have spent the afternoon either ducking buzzy things or trying to rescue spiders and butterflies, lest they become coated in 'Frozen Lake' blue.

Edit::: I will have to add something to his colouring to tone him down a bit - instead of looking pale and mysterious, he looks a bit peaky, not to mention bright. And the reason why I have low-flying buzzy insects is that I have a newly-discovered wasps nest right where we were going to reinstall our fence that came down last year. As they are far away enough from the house and aren't currently a problem, we will leave them alone til autumn - when they should clear out of their own accord.
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