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Cornwall - The Lego Riviera

Pile of Lego
(Source - - Accessed 22/07/14)

Over 22 years ago, a container of rubber ducks fell over the side of a ship and 22,000 rubber ducks hit the waves.  it has been a source of interest to maritime scientists ever since.  From Alaska to Australia, these "Friendly Floatees" have been gracing the ocean ever since and have provided fascinating information about the "understanding of ocean currents, as well as for teaching us a thing or two about plastic pollution" (Source - - Accessed 22/07/14).

Today, a news item revealed that a consignment of Lego went AWOL only a few years later - where "62 containers were lost overboard about 20 miles off Land's End - and one of them was filled with nearly 4.8m pieces of Lego, bound for New York." (Source - - Accessed 22/0714).  It appears that daisies and dragons, spear guns and ship's rigging have all turned up on beaches predominantly on the north coast of Cornwall for the past seventeen years.  I had actually come across bits and bob from containers in the past (mostly lighters) and I remember finding some sea-polished toys, but a) I presumed that holiday makers had left them behind b) Didn't take them home in any case.

I know that it is hazardous to the wildlife (I live right by an estuary), but I do like these quirks of nature - I must just go and dig for 'Ye Olde Cornishe treasure' in the future :-)

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And no, contrary to how it may appear, I am not obsessed with rubber ducks.......

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