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Mourning the Passing of the Blog


'The blogroll in my sidebar reads like an honour roll of war dead' - Mel Campbell - The Guardian (Accessed 18/07/14)

I note with interest Mel Campbell article from yesterday’s Guardian, where she is decrying the decline of the blogger.  Today's bright new young things just aren’t blogging anymore and with others moving to new forums, Campbell likens the original blogs to be merely “ruins of [a] digital Pompeii “ (Source - – Accessed 18/07/14).  It does appear that some are fleeing other forums such as Twitter, Facebook and are increasingly finding their own space on the likes of WhatsApp (got that), Instagram and Tumblr (got it, but not currently using it – prefer LJ and Wordpress).

Campbell concedes that most of this is born out of the teenage need for “privacy from surveillance” (Source - – Accessed 18/07/14); I would argue that it is also the preserve of media-savvy mature adults that crave the same level of 'expressive anonymity.' However, I am not quite sure how countless selfies on Facebook, Tumblr et al would somehow fall below the ever-watchful eye of SOME snooper.  Perhaps it is away from scornful peers and spying parents maybe, rather than random voyeuristic strangers whom they are bound to attract.  Tumblr predominantly seems to be a place where pictures and films are stored. Campbell herself observers that Tumblr expresses emotions through images and animations rather than words and ideas: you curate without creating, and express yourself without being articulate” (Source - – Accessed 18/07/14).

She appears content to carrying on writing in her "lonely, uncool blog" (Source - – Accessed 18/07/14) - perhaps she is more of the ilk that just want to post her online observations, rather than mix and matching photos, videos and conversing with others.

I found her thoughts interesting and for the full article, walk this way ----------> -

So the old-style blog website has been jettisoned and the new online diarist has gone over to the flexible, user-friendly sites of Instagram et al. They haven’t disappeared totally – just reappeared in a different format. And I like these new forums, where you can have your own online scrapbook.  Nothing wrong with a beautiful pic, with a well-captioned sound-bite.  It is still creative after all. I must admit, before the dawn of digital photos, the blog forums were alive and kicking with their debates.  Along with this has seen the arrival of Fanfics, which are posted by blogsters who write imagined stories inspired by established genres. A lot of them are pretty good too - so we can't say that creativity is dead, though I must admit I have seen a cull of online friends on here - most of which I catch up with on FB in any case.

Could the old-style blog sites like LJ chase their shiny new competitors and change their format, or indeed should they?  I have thought about leaving LiveJournal for a while, specifically because of the dearth of bloggers, only to stay and recently have a form of renaissance. I have dickered around with other blogs such as Dreamwidth, Blogspot etc - I have seemingly got a small following on Wordpress now, so if LJ did sink without trace, I have at least another platform to launch myself from.  Many, who are looking for a journalistic/self-publishing angle to their lives have followed suit.
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