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And They Never Lived Happily Ever After?


It is truly depressing news to find that there isn't a lot of money in writing. According to Author's Licencing and Collection Society, 'a typical, full-time writer earns £11,000 a year' (Source - - Accessed 11/07/14).  Unless you hit the exceptionally big market, such as J.K. Rowling, or E.L. James (Fifty Shades) it is a pretty meagre sum and the profits are falling each year.

Chocolat author Joanne Harris observes that "It's good to see that finally we are becoming aware of just how little the average author earns. Not everyone can be a high-earning, high profile writer but all creators should have the right to be paid for what they do" (Source - - Accessed 11/07/14).  It appears that digital publishing and self-publishing seems to be the way.  According to sources, 'some 25% of writers have self-published a work, with a typical return on their investment of 40%. Eighty-six percent said they would self-publish again' (Source - - Accessed 11/07/14). I am not so sure - a friend of the family has recently published his own stuff and has been quite disappointed with the response.

Maybe understanding New Technology & Writing in my second year will reap fruit after all.  Nil desperandum - there must be other ways to market.

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