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Rebecca Brown is a 21 year old film student, who has an impulse control disorder called trichotillomania (pulling her hair out).  From the age of fourteen to present, she has taken daily selfies, which depict a beautiful girl who develops severe depression and then undergoes a transformation.  She admits that she still battles with the disorder, but wants to make people aware of the disorder and has information for others who may have the condition.  She also has dermotillomania: (Obsessive Skin Picking) and her videos are an ongoing processes: partly coming to terms with the disorders and partly managing them.

She provides insight with bravery and I hope she is successful at continually maintaining the disorders.  Be kind to each other, for inside we all fight battles that no one knows about.

Original source - - Accessed 08/07/14

Rebecca's YouTube page with additional information -
Tags: vids 2014, women's empowerment

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