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Enigma Weekend II - The Eyes of Truth

This reminds me of about seventeen years ago, when there were meetings and partings.  1997 was a very dynamic year for me, where I had to sit down and revaluate my thoughts on life.  it was also a happy time when Prodigal 1 & 2 were a teenager and a toddler respectively.  It also reminds me very fondly of very close friends that are no longer with us, but with the joy of memory rather than sadness. It is interesting that I have had a change of heart about many more things, one of which was returning to education.

Back then, I had considered archaeology as a career, but could never find an inlet - ironic now that there is a BSc Archaeology degree at Truro (I am pleased to say that I stumbled across a mutual friend, who I hadn't seen for 30 years, who has just completed said degree.  It is proof that us mature students can still knock 'em dead).

Enigma - Eyes of Truth

Bonus track: Enigma - Endless Quest. Just reminds me of long, hot days of summer by the sea

Tags: electronic music, enigma, enigma weekend, vids 2014

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