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Father's Day

My father passed away 9 years ago and I have healed enough sufficiently to not grieve, nor do I feel the need to wax lyrical about his life - saying that, not for the first time, I am so glad that he taught me a far better standard of English that what was on offer at school.  He had quite an eclectic tastes, but he really liked folksy stuff e.g. Steeleye Span, Clannad etc, but also medieval music (I have ransacked Youtube and can't find the exact LPs - which is a shame).

1. Mediaeval Baebes

One of the last CDs he listened to was Mediaeval Baebes and he really liked their stuff.  He had the presence of an old knight and when he died, his funeral had some of their music played as we knew he would've appreciated it.

2. Horslips - Dancehall Sweethearts

I actually learnt how to play 'We Bring the Summer with Us' on recorder.

Happy Father's Day, Dad - love you lots xxx
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