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Collecting Biographies

I finished the Kim Noble book, very interesting.  i would have loved to have seen more of her paintings and maybe an explanation from each personality.  I seeming am picking up more biographies on artists. Long ago, I had one on Dali - recently I bought one on Tracey Emin, who interests me.  I understood the concept of the bed and definitely the tent, though I am a bit confused about her neon work. Not everyone's cup of tea, I know, but I appreciate her journey.

Two Christmases ago, Hubby bought me a biography of Roald Dahl, which was fascinating and now I have one of C.S. Lewis.  I am hoping to start the latter, as soon I have cleared the last of The Wide Sargasso Sea and made a proper effort with Fahrenheit 451.
Tags: fahrenheit 451, jean rhys, ray bradbury, roald dahl, wide sargasso sea

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