Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
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Christine Cegavske


Christine Cegavske is a stop-film animator that I have been interested in for a couple of years.  Described as a "David Lynchian fever dream on Beatrix Potter terrain," Cegavske's film Blood Tea and Red String is an exquisitely crafted 'avant garde' fairy tale for adults. It is a macabre world, where the aristocratic White Mice and the Rustic Creatures Who Dwell Under The Oak squabble over the 'doll of their heart's desire.

Stop-film animation takes a LONG time to make (average film footage is 33 frames a second), hence Nick Park's struggle with clay-mation stars Wallace and Gromit in the early years before his talent was developed and bankrolled by Aardman. Cegavske film took a staggering 13 years to make, first with old school film, evolving to digital.  Her next film is part two of the trilogy Seeds in the Sand.  I would really like to see more of this artist.  She maybe perceived as kooky, but quirky works for me.  I hope she does get her funding - just so I can put random pictures up of albino birds that roost in red nested black trees.

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