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Kindred Souls


The subject of soul mates can be a sticky one.  People strive to find the 'true' one, or seek what they consider their twin soul to be. A lot of people end up with partners, who are no more than reminders of people that they already know.  The jury is still out on whether this connection actually exists, but I do think that we have many 'soul friends,' whose presence in your life goes beyond just a friendship level - a special connection, which has the power to shake up your life.  It wasn't that your life didn't have depth or beauty before, but somehow their arrival just coloured your life in. Sometimes, it is not a matter of 'them completing you' or visa-versa - it is about challenging your reality, your understanding of things. Whether they bring out the best or the worst in you, they press buttons to get results and it is a very definite wake up call.

I would struggle with the concept as to what certain people were doing in my life, what they were teaching me and how my presence affected them.  Now, I appreciate that we all help each other down the path, but there are a few who are somehow kindred - you just can't explain it. Whoever they are, they are heaven-sent and are the conduit for well-needed change :-)
Tags: soul groups, soul mates

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