Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Out of Sync

Strange as this may seem, I am at odds with the world and my placement in it. I have calculated that since January, I have only had 11 days off. I have gone from 0-60 mph then up another gear, only to stop abruptly. I haven't hit a metaphoric wall, nor have a form of mental whiplash, but I feel very odd like somehow I am still travelling or at least should be. This is what happens when you make academia the centrepoint of your world.

It is a microcosm, a bubble where only Huxley and Jane Eyre can live (not that I am suggesting that they are cohabiting - that would be most inappropriate). At least I have caught up with friends and will be seeing people I have neglected since at least February. What has made things very strange is that Hubby has taken residence in my office as he is fed up being in his. It stops me being on the P, hence me writing this in bed, whilst wrestling with the autocorrect. I just feel out of sync and when I have shared 'face time' with beloved friends, I am sure life will fit back into place again.

It's strange, I most definitely did feel like this at the end of Access last year - in fact, I practically skipped out of Penwith, sat and watched strange telly and read banal books. This time - brain feels like jelly and I am twitchy as I am not at my desk. Not as relaxed and at peace as I want to be.

I am hoping to go on some road trips around Cornwall sometime - just need to ground myself, maybe. Take some photos of other things besides obtuse photos about derelict buildings, car rallies and Golowan festival. Need my sense of humour back,too - diary is a bit thin on the ground re laughs. Where did my SOH go? Dried out on the stove of Higher Education, maybe. Get a life, calico_pye. You've got 14 weeks to find it GoGoGo!!!
Tags: oddsville

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