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Redrafting - Day 12

I have not had word  back from my lecturer, so I am posting on various forums and checking with classmates the status quo with the word count.  Right now, I think I am going to have to bunce up certain pieces of work - basically if they want 6 pieces of work with the minimum 2,000 for the entire writing portfolio, excluding reflective commentary, then I am going to have to add-lib on a couple of pieces,  Above, is the video I used as creative input for the Asylum piece.  I know have to get back into the mood of it by listening and watching.  Thanks to dark_fetus whose work is mesmerising.

Panic over - as before, 6 pieces of work comprised of 2 prose, 4 poems word count only a guideline.  Commentary 1,500-2,000 words. OK, I have stopped hyperventilating now - poor Jackie (main lecturer) - she phoned me from the hairdressers to sort this out. Wilco then print and rid myself of this bloody portfolio.

Once, I had this little printer that would just chug out monochrome printing.  Perfect for essays and the like.  Then suddenly the manufacturers stopped making the cartridges and we made do with supplementary ones.  Now THEY can't be found and I am stuck with this crappy EPSOM printer that has the ink span of a gnat. I am sorting out a LOT of work and we only stuck the black cartridge in a few days ago.  I've now run out with a LOT to print, especially a news headline for Othello which is a standard tabloid red  Gahhhhhh !!!!!!

I have finished all of the written redrafting for all of the work. Then I have to check for the following:

  1. Header and page number.

  2. Take out underlines and make sure copy prints monochrome.

  3. Check that all the references are in place.

  4. Feed into separate folio folders for each subject.

  5. Print all cover sheets off of Moodle.

The other last thing I have to do and I am going to have to take all Sunday doing it, is drawing seagulls for my children's book.  I am fresh out of ideas for cartoons, but I will have a try (not so bad at 2D animation, just that it is all a bit last minute).  Feel very relieved but will more so when I have a) drawn the pix b) done da stock control.
Tags: creative writing, creative writing portfolio, fda english y1, grindstone files - year 1

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