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Redrafting - Day 11

The next three days are portfolio days.  Even though I have done the bulk of the work, I do not feel the least inclined to do anything.  I suppose it is because I am on the last leg of it, I can smell the fresh air of freedom and I resent being stuck in the bloody box of an office, sacrificing my sanity at the high alter of education.  Well, that's my martyrdom out of the way.  I will have to get my cup of tea and sit my a** down and smack this beauty into touch.  Start with creative writing, I think - I have a running commentary that is only half done.

Also - it was today two years ago I was offered the chance of being on a degree course.  The conversation just blew me away and I am very grateful to Vanessa for guiding me in this direction.  I am but a third of the way through my degree now, but at the half way point in my four year educational plan.  What a climb it has been.  Let's hope the summit will be worth it :-)

This is taking far longer than I expected, because I have to do a mini autopsy on each.  I cannot paste what I have written as it will be in breach of my degree, I may in due course paste other stuff.  One of the questions = how did you develop your work? Answer ::: I can't bloody remember,  I uploaded my stuff to the forum months ago!!  Most of it was done during wet weekends in February - to me it is a lifetime ago.  I have a feeling that every bloody day will count as I have tons more to do than expected.

To quote Kasabian - 'Ahh, oh come on/We've got our backs to the wall'

Despite constant interruptions (God, I love my family, wouldn't do without them - bar NOW), I am now back on track - however, I have been reading the criteria for my C/W portfolio.  It says they want 2,000 - 3,000 words.  I had the presence of mind to add up the stuff selected, only to find that it doesn't even reach 1,000.  It's a crap time to find this out.  I have got two stories that would bunce up the words, but I would have to add commentaries to them as well.  Mega stress.  It's the weekend and less than 72 hours before the chop.  Have messaged my lecturer, but she is unlikely to get back to me until 8 hours before absolute deadline.  For now, I will have to write up the last part of my original bunch and if I hear nothing, submit the extra two.

Not happy.  Might have to put this on hold and carry on with the Transactional Writing tomorrow, with hope that she will get my message.
Tags: creative writing portfolio, fda english y1, grindstone files - year 1

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