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Redrafting - Day 10

Last essay.  Lots of scrawl through it.  I am sticking to adjustments this time, rather than total rewrites.  Haven't got the time and if the moderating board want more concise work, they will have to whistle Dixie, even to my own detriment. This is the political IN3, I have possibly made the mistake of going all 'modern day' but I believe that satire has to be relevant to the happenings of the moment.

My main lecturer is actually pretty cool about this; because I have cited Spitting Image, I have to find a link that I want to use on Youtube.  Great - I don't need an excuse for something to laugh at. Chose the video above, also more under cut  - love it :-)

And for a limited time only - The Now Show

It's been a bit of a hit and miss day, but I have finished IN3, but need to shave off 90 or so words.  Not easy as it is such a short essay.

Feel a LOT better, but I am resigned to the fact that the last two essays probably won't score as high, but they will have a reasonable pass (I hope).  I have just sorted the Creative Writing Portfolio/Transactional Writing Portfolio to be ready for the next few days, where I will have to write a commentary on subsequent work for the former and tweak the best four for the latter.  Bit worried, because I have misplaced my Year 1 yearbook and I need to suss the criteria then tweak the lot.  Such fun...

Tags: fda english y1, grindstone files - year 1, identity & nationhood, literature and politics, vids 2014
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