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Redrafting - Day 7

Bank Holiday Monday and it has been lashing down all day.  My car has not moved all week, because the hoses have split again and I cannot see the mechanic til Thursday.  This always seems to happen when I have a particularly shitty piece of work to do.  Right now it is just as well that I don't have transport, because I would make a bolt for the door and possibly not come back.  Hubby is in a similar position - he is revising for his exam due 8 days after my final submit.  He has ground to a halt because nothing read has sunk in today.

I am looking at TH2 Jane Eyre/Feminist Theory and the essay is awash with the main lecturer's scrawling.  It's a mess and I am in despair - it stands at 59% and I really want to shove it over 65%.  Would be really happy with an upper second, if possible.  Lit Theory is NOT for the faint-hearted.  I have printed off the OWL Purdue checklist re Fem Theory and have stuck it to the side of the computer. Right now, nothing is sticking for me either. Am going to add main lecturer's notes to the new essay and somehow find a way through.

When you have a partner who is in the same boat, it does reap some rewards.  You both know how the other is feeling, both climbing the wall, both supportive etc.  What DOESN'T work is if one (me) is trying to soldier away and the other (he) is wandering aimlessly around, wanting to chat because they are bored.  Being the loving Wifey that I am, I have dragged him into the 21st century and suggests he listens to podcasts from the accredited site.  As I am the only one with speakers, we had a miniature growly face-off, where he suggested frisking the PC for MY set.  No sunshine, that's NOT how it works.  I have now sent him out to get a new set of speakers with an still-in-date Argos card. Hopefully it will do the job :-)

Cross-eyed and reading Gilbert and Gubar.  There is a thin line between high brow and turgid - I am sorry Bronte aficionados, I am not a fan.

I managed to replan my assignment by printing off the rough draft and seeing parallels that I hadn't seen before.  Feeling much better and am off to watch V for Vendetta.  Not that I am interested in Dystopia at all :-DDDDD
Tags: charlotte bronte, fda english y1, feminist theory, grindstone files - year 1, jane eyre, what is theory?
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