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Early Euro Election Results

I have just looked at the early results of the European Elections.  If the early indications are anything to go by, it's goodbye progress, welcome back misogyny and racism, you never really left. Not for the first time, I have come to the conclusion that the electorate is an ass.

UKIP appears to be on course to top the poll in the European elections, with the first results starting to come in.

Labour are significantly up on their 2009 vote - the worst result in the party's modern history.

The Conservatives are down slightly - but the Lib Dems are down nearly 8%, raising fears they could be beaten into fifth by the Green Party.

A total of 73 MEPs will be elected from nine regions in England as well as Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Voting took place on Thursday but the UK had to wait until polls closed in other EU states before declaring.

  • Labour won in the North-East of England with a 12% increase in vote share, beating UKIP into second place

  • UKIP came top in the Eastern region, where they did well at the local elections, with the Tories second and Labour third

  • There were two sets of elections on Thursday. The results of the local elections in England and Northern Ireland are already known.

  • There is a Vote 2014 special on BBC One and a joint BBC Radio4/5live radio special. Coverage is on the BBC News Channel and BBC World. You can follow all the latest news, reaction and results

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