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Redrafting - Day 6


I have a serious case of cabin fever right now, mostly because it is the bank holiday, it's raining and I am holed up.  I am going to do the easiest essay redraft as I really don't want to face TH2 (Jane Eyre/Feminist Theory) and instead I am doing the one that I have already got 65% on.  Plus, I need to proofread TH3 and I am not in the mood right now.

Shall I tell you what I really want to do? See the outside world.  Go to the beach (just not in the rain), read something where I don't have to look for layered meanings.  Visit friends, actually leave the county and see somewhere different.  I want to write something that I might enjoy.  For instance, I saw a picture (above) years ago - back then it didn't have an affect on me.  I then had a dream where the picture featured and it triggered such emotion in me. I can't fathom why.  Researching further, I realised now that most of Richard Long's tends to have the same effect on me.  I don't know - maybe his art forms are so.....visceral?  Who knows. I would like to write about that, someday.

Anyway, back to the banal.  It is just as well that I keep a log and spur myself on, or I would have gone "sod it" and watched the Grand Prix (this time of the year, I am usually having a fab meal with cherished friends, watching the perilous Monaco street race and hoping that Vettel will be t-boned by Maldonaldo.  Instead, I am dragging my ass and listing to Youtube).

Did I tell you that I have cabin fever???   :-/

IN2 took precious little time to do; I am reminded why I am glad that I make the best I can of a draft, then tweak it - rather than look at a half-assed one and freak because I have to restructure the lot.  I am doing IL1 and if I do this by tonight, then it leaves me with the last (worst) two - the aforementioned TH2 and the political one.  THEN it's the reappraisal of the creative/transactional writing portfolios.

I have finished IL1 and proofread TH3.  Just had a look at TH2.  59%.  Eeek.  Ideally, I would like to get it over 65% and let me tell you with the amount I have to decypher and restructure, it is a hard-earnt 6%.
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